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The Most Instagrammable Museums in NYC

There’s a lot of fun to be had at NYC’s Instagrammable museums. From the selfie-friendly Color Factory to cutting-edge ARTECHOUSE, there are plenty of cool places to check out the latest immersive digital art experiences.

Unlike traditional exhibits, immersive art centers often lack linear structures and instead focus on sensory immersion. These include sound (hearing), light, text and images (sight) and touch.


This mind-blowing experience in NYC takes you on a mesmerizing journey where ancient wisdom meets tech-enabled art. Traverse two floors of interactive and generative exhibits, connecting you with the beauty, laughter, and power that lies within.

The immersive space explores a fifth element, ether, which is the space between your physical and spiritual selves. Some of the art installations question life’s purpose, self-discovery and your connection to the world around you. Throughout the experience, there are plenty of prompts to think about and quotes to meditate on.

Whether you’re looking for a selfie-friendly place like the Color Factory or a cutting-edge art spot like ARTECHOUSE, NYC has a museum for you. Immerse yourself in these IG-worthy spots and let your creativity shine. You’ll be glad you did!

Gustav Klimt: Gold In Motion

The Viennese Secessionist artist Gustav Klimt takes center stage at the new Hall des Lumieres, a massive new center for custom-designed immersive art experiences that debuted this week in Manhattan. The inaugural show focuses on his glittering, sensuous, revolutionary paintings. The exhibit includes a long sequence featuring his best-known piece, dorm-room poster favorite The Kiss, as well as the Beethoven Frieze and Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer (languid animations of works by fellow Secessionist Egon Schiele also make an appearance).

The projections are dreamy, dazzling visitors with images blown up to massive scale and animated so that details pop out and swim around. The experience is accompanied by an elegant soundtrack of classical music. Shorter experiences focusing on Austrian painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser and a contemporary creation by Nohlab, called 5 Movements, round out the experience.

The Museum of Illusions

This intriguing visual, sensory and educational experience opened its doors in 2018 and offers more than 70 mind-boggling illusions. The exhibits are designed to surprise and delight, while also teaching visitors about vision, perception and the science of the brain.

From the famous deconstructed chair that looks solid but is really made of multiple pieces, to the holograms that move like real people and the tilted or reverse rooms, there are plenty of optical tricks for everyone. The museum is extremely Instagram-friendly and makes for some fun selfies.

This immersive experience is great for kids, couples and groups of friends. Groups of 10 or more can book a guided tour by contacting the museum in advance. The Museum of Illusions is easily accessible via the A, C, E and 14th Street subway lines at West 15th Street station in Manhattan.

Hall des Lumieres

The latest immersive art museum combining technology and art is now open in New York City. Hall des Lumieres is located in the historic Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank building across from City Hall, and is dedicated to the work of Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt.

The exhibition surrounds visitors with glowing projections of the artist’s work, which are mapped to the walls and ceilings of the space. The experience has been designed to be accessible with or without prior knowledge of the artist, and is family friendly.

The experience is operated by Culturespaces, a French company that designs and operates digital art centers in historic venues that have had previous lives as a rock quarry, a foundry, and a naval submarine base. In addition to the permanent Hall des Lumieres, the firm has also run pop-up experiences focusing on artists like Van Gogh and Claude Monet.


Located beneath the streets of Chelsea Market, ARTECHOUSE brings a 21st-century approach to art with experiential large-scale digital exhibitions. Designed to inspire wonder, awe, curiosity, and connection, the space is home to groundbreaking artists who use innovative technology.

The latest installation at the tech-forward gallery is Ase: Afro Frequencies, a multimedia artwork that celebrates Black triumph and the African diaspora. It includes visuals from Afrosurrealist artist Vince Fraser and spoken word poetry by Ursula Rucker.

Enter the realm of limitless creativity with an Anytime Admission Ticket to ARTECHOUSE. The immersive space will take you through mesmerizing artistic digital tapestries. Expect awe-inspiring experiences that feature everything from the life of a neuron to galactical data captured by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Prepare for a retina-widening sensory experience with pulsating colors that match perfectly with soothing ambient sounds.

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