Engage Your Learners with Interactive Quiz Ideas

Interactive Quiz Ideas to Engage Your Learners

Whether you’re looking to drive conversion or simply engage your audience, interactive quizzes can be a great solution. However, creating them requires a lot of thought and preparation.

Keep your quiz short and engaging. Longer quizzes often lose user’s interest and reduce completion rates.

1. Hotspot Questions

Hotspot questions require learners to think and discern, which is an important part of the learning process. They can also be a fun way to engage students in a class quiz.

Unlike multiple choice or true/false, hotspot questions allow learners to click a specific area of an image as the correct answer. While creating the question, you can specify which area acts as the answer and customize its size. You can even enable Automated Feedback to provide feedback for incorrect answers.

2. Video-Response Questions

While there’s a place for multiple choice questions, sometimes your quiz questions require a more personal response. The Video Response question type allows respondents to upload a video or audio file as their answer.

Video responses can help your audience better understand your brand and product offerings, or provide a different perspective on an issue. They’re also a great way to build trust and empathy.

For example, Fit Father Project used this question type to ask their audience about the biggest challenges they face on a daily basis. The results helped them segment their leads so they could send personalized sales videos to each one.

3. Drag-and-Drop Questions

Drag-and-Drop Questions are fill-in-the-blanks or match-the-pairs type questions that allow students to drag answers from the Possible Answers box and drop them in the Correct Answers box. The question writer can add a Group drop zone to separate the Answers into groups and choose which of the groups will be used as distractors (wrong answers).

They’re also a good way to do ranking questions in surveys. You can also use them to energize virtual meetings and events with polling slides that let attendees connect with your presentation app on their smartphones to vote on answers. They have several advantages over the traditional “raising hands” approach to audience engagement: they ensure anonymity and prevent influence from other participants.

4. Text Drag-and-Drop Questions

Allow learners to interact with your graded quizzes by dragging and dropping options into response targets on an image. This question type is especially useful when the task requires sorting information or organizing a process-oriented scenario.

To create a text drag-and-drop question, select the Drag-and-Drop Question from the Question Type dropdown list in the Add Question panel on the Test & Survey ribbon.

In the Possible Answers box, enter all your answers that students will drag into their empty response boxes below the question text. Use the Group drop-down menu to assign each answer group its numbered box and a color. You can also shuffle the answer choices to randomize their order for students.

5. Audio Picture Match

Quizzes are a great way to evaluate how much your learners understand and retain after a lesson or course. The format is quick and easy, and can be adapted to fit any learning style.

Try out the Audio Picture Match question type to test your learners’ observation skills by asking them to identify answers hidden in images. This is a great alternative to traditional writing tests for learners who might struggle to write, worry about spelling, or are learning a new language.

Creating Interactive Quiz Content is one of the easiest ways to connect with your visitors and add value to your website. You can start from scratch or choose a ready-made template to save time and create a professional quiz that matches your brand’s identity.

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