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Samba Surdo is an interactive eight-channel sound installation that allows viewers to experience Brazilian samba. Visitors are invited to walk into the center of a room where eight speakers are positioned around them in the shape of a circle. Each speaker represents a different instrument played in a samba orchestra. As the visitor moves throughout [...]

March 24th

In January 2011 I spent new years in Bahia and was introduced to Carlinhos Brown by a close friend. Knowing that Brown is one of the most talented percussionists and musician we have in Brazil, we talked about creating a full body suit with ten sensors, which were activated each time they were hit, acting [...]

December 27th

Atomos from Lucas Werthein on Vimeo.
Atomos was an installation developed as a final project for Zach Lieberman’s, Algorithmic Animation class. I used a vector field, perlin noise field, particle systems, and computer vision algorithms to create a game dynamic. Particles would appear on the screen and the player would have to put them into small [...]

December 15th

Recently my collaborator, Rux, and I worked on carpet designs for a renowned furniture designer. Initially he came to us with the idea of static designs that visualized 4 different genres of music: jazz, classical, ambient, and electronic. We developed an audio engine that would gather data from specific tracks, brought in the data to [...]

December 12th

To see the application running live, click here:
To understand more about the application, download PDF here:

red = more than 6 yellow cards in season
yellow = between 3 and 6 yellow cards in season
green = less than 3 yellow cards per season

Length of Lines:

The greater the length of the line, the greater number of years the [...]

December 6th


Lucas Werthein & Jason Aston – Boom Shakalaka @ IAC from Lucas Werthein on Vimeo.
As Rube Goldberg showed us in his now notorious cartoons depicting complex devices performing the simplest of tasks in the most roundabout ways, precision, timing, and creativity are tantamount to making such a machine functional and enjoyable. Invoking a popular physics [...]

Halloween with openFrameworks from Lucas Werthein on Vimeo.
ITP is having a haunted house and i am making an APP which will replace people’s faces with scary masks. Here is a test of the initial work. Although this is an initial prototype, the final version will have very frightening sound that will go off every time [...]

October 17th

Video Slicer from Lucas Werthein on Vimeo.
The Video Slicer is a video installation programmed in openFrameworks that allows people to interact with each other. The video is cut into several blocks, causing delays and allowing users to switch bodies and play with the concept and perception of time.

August 28th

Step Sequencer Interactive Table from Lucas Werthein on Vimeo.
Today i put together the first test to build this interactive step sequencer. The basic idea is that you can move around the red pins and activate different beats. All this is done by a hacked infrared camera that can detect change from the original image that [...]

August 18th

Comfort Station from Lucas Werthein on Vimeo.
Comfort Station is a video installation developed at ITP. It uses Arduino, Infrared Sensors, and MaxMSP/ Jitter. The installation is about water waste. It portrays how we waste water unnoticeably and makes a correlation with people flushing without perception as they walk by an LCD screen.

August 17th

Drawing with Color Tracking in OF from Lucas Werthein on Vimeo.
These are some color tracking tests done in openFrameworks.

For this project i hooked up two flex sensors, one force sensor and one infrared sensor to an Arduino. The values outputed by sensors are going into Max/MSP and max is sending bangs to Garage Band. In garage band i selected a synthesizer. Therefore, every-time i trigger a sensor, i would get a different note [...]