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Visualizing Soccer Violence & Civil War

Posted December 12th by lucas in DataViz, Processing
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  • red = more than 6 yellow cards in season
  • yellow = between 3 and 6 yellow cards in season
  • green = less than 3 yellow cards per season

Length of Lines:

  • The greater the length of the line, the greater number of years the player has been exposed to civil war
  • Each lines consists of one player. Each league had approximately 350 players.

This data visualization was based on a research paper by Edward Miguel, Sebastián M. Saiegh, and Shanker Satyanath titeled Civil War Exposure and Violence. The paper analyses the correlation between agressive behaviors of soccer players on the field and the amount of years they’ve been exposed to civil war in their home countries. I analyzed data from three different soccer leagues: English Premiership, Spanish Primera Division, And Italian Serie A. Although there were extensive and incredible pieces of data, i focused on specific variables, such as league; yellow cards received during season; years of exposure to civil war; and age. I used the variables to conduct the aesthetics of the visualization, such as length and direction of lines, colors, magnitude, and other aspects. The visualization was created in processing using an algorithm that creates a particle system based on vertex points.

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