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Boom Shakalaka

Posted December 6th by lucas in Arduino, Interactivity, Physical Computing, Processing, openFrameworks


Lucas Werthein & Jason Aston – Boom Shakalaka @ IAC from Lucas Werthein on Vimeo.

As Rube Goldberg showed us in his now notorious cartoons depicting complex devices performing the simplest of tasks in the most roundabout ways, precision, timing, and creativity are tantamount to making such a machine functional and enjoyable. Invoking a popular physics engine, Boom Shakalaka creates a real time world with real time physics that portrays obstacles faced in the real world.

Lucas Werthein & Jason Aston – Boom Shakalaka from Lucas Werthein on Vimeo.

Werthein and Aston envisioned a world in which spectators are no longer spectators. The opportunity to exert some control over destiny is given at various points of the performance through devices like a button, lever, and a domino. A little luck and patience reveals success!

The piece was developed to run continuously over time. It can run with or without the interaction of people. It was designed to display the continuity of life and the obstacles that we face daily when taking small decisions that can lead to the road not taken. Inspired by Robert Frost’s poem, we developed a machine that has a life of its own, but can be manipulated and altered as people begin to play and exert their actions into the fantasy world.

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