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Posted October 29th by lucas in Arduino, Fabrication, Interactivity, Physical Computing, SuperUber, openFrameworks

About a month and a half ago i was approached by SuperUber – a Brazilian based interactive design collective – to remake one of their most exciting and successful pieces: SuperPong. The installation consists of a game that mixes elements from foosball and Pong. Up to eight participants can play by walking up to the [...]


EletroAxe with Carlinhos Brown

Posted March 24th by lucas in Arduino, Audio, Fabrication, Interactivity, Physical Computing, Processing

In January 2011 I spent new years in Bahia and was introduced to Carlinhos Brown by a close friend. Knowing that Brown is one of the most talented percussionists and musician we have in Brazil, we talked about creating a full body suit with ten sensors, which were activated each time they were hit, acting [...]